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Custom Machining and Fabricating

The Badger Plastic Machine Shop produces quality parts from your samples, templates, or drawings. (We've even made parts from a sketch drawn on the back of a placemat because inspiration struck our customer during that morning's breakfast.) Whether you need one part or one thousand parts, we give every order the same attention to detail.

On-the-Road Sales Force

Badger Plastic maintains a traveling sales force to ensure that our customers know they are our most valuable asset. Our industrial sales team covers Wisconsin, Minnesota, Upper Michigan, and Iowa, while our lining crew has done installations throughout the United States. Keeping personal contact with all of our customers is one of our major goals. If you ever need to visit with one of our salespeople, please contact us.

Field Service & Installation

We know that it's not always possible to bring your projects to us, and that is why Badger Plastic & Supply offers the option of having our installation crews come to your location. Our qualified employees are courteous and professional. We do our best to work within your time frames to make all installations run as smoothly as possible.


Perhaps you don't know what you want. Maybe you're not familiar with plastics, or maybe you have a requirement that no one else has been able to find for you. We get calls all the time that start with, "This is an odd request, but..." Sometimes those are our favorite calls, Every company out there claims to "solve problems" or "put the customer first." Let's face it - what else are they going to say? We really do base our business on helping our customers. Whatever it takes.

Expediting Orders

Part of the Badger Plastic customer service package is making sure that every order is processed in a timely manner. We try to maintain a shop schedule to balance the flow of current orders with those that need special attention. We understand that sometimes circumstances require a customer to request a faster lead time. While we can't change the laws of nature or stop the hands of a clock, we will do everything humanly possible to see that our customer's needs are met.

Please feel free to contact us with questions and/or comments.
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